Reading for Liberation

Ellie VerGowe

I just started reading feminist literature. I know…it took me this long?!?!?! But how was I supposed to know that feminism was good when Christianity taught me when I was but a wee one that feminism was “man-hating, immoral and all about burning bras (those things are expensive!!!)? And finally, when I learned more about feminism from dear roommates and friends, I learned that feminism hasn’t always been for everyone…that my black and brown and LGBTQ sisters have experienced that the movement has been just for women who look like me. And so, while I have called myself a feminist for years, I held the identifier hesitantly and with explanations to anyone who asked:

“I’m a feminist, but I love God and men too!”
“I’m a feminist, but I still experience privilege because of my race, class and sexuality.”

(And these things are still true)

I was a side-line feminist…

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